Article by: Apurv Jadhav

Indian Red Tailed Scorpion with young, Hottenttota tamulus. Image Courtesy- Apruv Jadav.

10 Tips to Photograph Scorpions

1. You can use Kit lens, macro lens, Or a tele lens with accessories for shooting scorpions.

2. I recommend having a spotter with you as getting too close to a scorpion can be dangerous.

3. Use of Flash and diffuser is not strictly necessary and totally depends on your experimentation.

4. Shooting scorpions early morning and late afternoon will help because they are quite slow when temperature is low. 

5. A shot with a 45 degree angle from the scorpion showing whole body looks more pleasing than other angles.

6. Scorpions are one of the most ideal subjects for wide angle macro so you can try that with your phones or a kit lens as well!

7. Don’t try to handle or poke it.

8. Scorpions are not fast when it comes to running so just wait until it stops and then approach slowly.

9. Try studying about them as it will help you understand their behavior and get some unique shots.(eg. Mother scorpion carries her babies on her back for about 2 weeks, etc)

10. Try taking photographs with different angles, focal lengths and compositions to have a variety of shots.

Bicolor Scorpion, Orthochirus bicolor. Image Courtesy- Apruv Jadav.

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