Article by: Ayaan Akkalkotkar


It was our first Morning safari. After a brief encounter with a leopard in the last Safari we were hoping for another sighting of the Ghost of the forest. Leopards are active early in the mornings and we knew this was the best time to track them. As all the other vehicles went in search of a tiger ours was the only one who went to a different area to look for the smaller cat. We went to the higher point of the park where there were a few leopard dens and the area had a good history of leopard activity. The stage was set! A misty morning, the sunlight was just about reaching the ground and with no others around it was the perfect setting for this big cat. 

We drove up towards the hill top when suddenly after a blind turn everyone screamed in unison. I won’t lie I was the last one to see this beauty standing right in-front of our jeep. She was something right out of a movie! There she was by far the prettiest leopard I’ve ever seen. She was very bold and was not bothered by our presence. She walked calmly along the road giving us what was one of the best leopard sightings I’ve ever had. This whole safari was something out of a dream and this Leopard is a perfect example of the Magic Of Dawn.

Image Credit: Ayaan Akkalkotkar

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