Article by: Apurv Jadhav

Image Credit: Apurv Jadhav

10  Tips To Photograph Spiders

1. Use a macro lens and/or accessories combined with a kit lens for small spiders.

2. Study your subject which will help understand exactly when you can shoot them (eg. Hyperactive jumping spiders prefer to stay still or do less movement while they are feeding or cleaning legs)


Standing still for cleaning legs. Image Credit: Apurv Jadhav

3. Try approaching slowly and not to disturb them as it will scare them and they will run off.

4. For some spiders (Like jumping spiders, wolf spiders, etc.) eye level portraits looks good, but for a few spiders (Like Orb weavers, Fork tailed spiders, Tarantulas, etc.), 45 degree angle or dorsal view looks more appealing than just eye level portrait.

Recommended angle for jumping spider. Image Credit: Apurv Jadhav

5. Best time to shoot spiders is whole night and early morning because they are least active at that time.

6. Don’t kill spiders and shoot because it is very easy to identify a dead spider even if you make them stand, and secondly it’s unethical.

7. Let the spider settle itself because at a point it will stand still then you can approach it slowly.

Recommended angle for Orb Weavers. Image Credit: Apurv Jadhav

8. If possible make your friend to spot and keep an eye on the spider so that while you are seeing through viewfinder if the spider runs then the spotter will be helpful for guiding with direction where spider ran.

9. Flash with a diffuser is recommended because while shooting at high magnification or greater f number the amount of light reaching the sensor decreases drastically.

10. Try shooting spiders in their webs because it makes the photo more natural and gives additional information about the habitat.

Recommended angle for Ground dwelling (flat) spiders. Image Credit:: Apurv Jadhav.

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