Aiman Mehta

Panna Journeys

The mesmerizing Panna Tiger Reserve, home to tigers, leopards, sambar deer and many more fascinating animals.
Experienced the same with #Journeys, Sushil Chikane, one of the most acclaimed wild life experts in India, photographer and adventure enthusiasts.
Everything from the word GO was so well planned by Journeys .The safaris, the guides, the resort Greetoe, had great food and hospitality..everything was meticulously planned and executed.
Thanks Sushil for sharing all the invaluable wildlife information that you did, the photography and for your company and your great sense of humour.
This was my first trip with Journeys and certainly won’t be the last
I highly recommend all adventure and wildlife enthusiasts to travel with Journeys and get transported into an idyllic world with them. All the Best to Sushil and the entire team of Journeys.

Qutub Owaisi & Anam Qureshi

Panna Journeys

Our 3 days at Panna Tiger reserve were made truly memorable by the team of Journeys Explore. From informative safaris with magnificent sightings to good food and a pleasant stay, we couldn’t have asked for more. Nature has so much to teach but the learning gets so much better when you have an expert on the subject like Sushil, accompanying you. A big thank you to Sushil and Journeys team for making this a perfectly beautiful trip for us!


Kavita Sanku

Bandhavgarh Journeys

All around great experience. All amenities were taken care of before arrival and it made settling in very easy. The hotel service were magnificent and the food was freshly cooked and delicious. Sushil has a lot of insight on each and every animal. From birds to tigers his knowledge is immense and really helped explain the precise natures and behaviors of these wild animals. I hope to make another trip and go to many more safaris through  ‘Journeys’

Shanat Barua

Bandhavgarh Journeys

A group of friends and me booked a 4 night, 6 safari trip to Bandhavgarh via Journeys. We could not have been happier with the experience and level of service provided to us throughout the trip. Initially we had serious travel problems but Journeys was able to seamlessly rearrange our pickup to pick us up from a different city. While our trip got cut short, Journeys and their team ensured that we still had an amazing experience and they adjusted the trip to ensure we saw everything we could in the forest including 12 tiger sightings! They picked our safari Zones to perfection, the naturalist on board added great value and insight throughout the trip giving the group a much more nuanced view of the forest. Everything was done within our budget including accommodation without sacrificing on comfort. I would highly recommend booking through Journeys as they will make your trip 10x better and completely hassle free!

Apeksha Patil

Panna Journeys

We recently went for a jungle safari at Panna Tiger Reserve with Sushil from Journeys Explore. This was our second trip to this jungle but first one with Sushil. Being the second trip, we were looking at exploring the national park more than what we had in our last trip, and we did! It was an incredible experience with amazing sightings that we witnessed in 6 safaris. 6 tigers, 9 leopards, sloth bears, chinkara, four horned antelope, vultures, storks and many more birds made it one of the best jungle safaris we ever had.

Sushil picked our safari routes to perfection and his extensive knowledge and experience added a great value and insight throughout the safari. Journeys Explore also chose a great hotel for us. We stayed at Greetoe Camp Panna which served delicious food, had comfortable and spacious rooms and provide great service.

Thank you Sushil and Journeys Explore for this wonderful experience. We have already started planning our next trip with them!

Dilip Mundkur

Jhalana Journeys

I had seen quite a few images from the Jhalana leopard reserve on Instagram which made me keen to visit the reserve. I was looking for groups with whom I could travel. Journeys Explore popped up several times on Instagram. I found out more about them through their web page and was impressed with the credentials of their team of naturalists led by Sushil Chikane. I booked my trip to Jhalana with Journeys Explore in mid May. I guess it was the best thing that I did. Everything was well planned. Sushil Chikane himself was the skipper for the trip. He briefed me on the multifarious activities in which Journeys Explore is engaged in. These include commendable educational programs for children and wildlife enthusiasts for promoting conservation of nature and wildlife. Apart from this, Journeys also organises tours to wildlife parks in India and have participants coming in from several countries. Touring the Jhalana leopard reserve with Sushil Chikane was a rewarding experience. Sushil himself is an award winning wildlife and travel photographer and film maker. He helped enormously in spotting good photo opportunities during the trip. What I liked most was that it did not become a leopard centric trip. While we had a leopard sighting in each of the four safaris that we undertook, Sushil also made us aware of the many birds and animals in the park and shared a lot of useful information about the species and the habitat. All in all a very holistic experience for me and I certainly intend to do more trips with Journeys Explore in future.

William Bhot

Bandhavgarh Journeys

We had an absolutely amazing time in Bandhavgarh with Journeys Explore and Ayaan. I would definitely recommend them to anyone planning a similar trip.

The trip was extremely well planned and Ayaan and Journeys Explore were very helpful in handling last minute changes when our flight was cancelled on the way there. I don’t know how we would have handled this without them.

Once we got there, we had an amazing time exploring the forest with Ayaan who expertly tracked tigers and other wildlife, shared stories and facts about the forest and animals, and shared nuanced insights into conservation efforts. His passion and knowledge for wildlife and conservation was obvious and made the trip so much more enjoyable. He also had extensive knowledge and experience of the local guides and drivers and managed to pick the best for our safaris. This allowed us to effectively track the animals and position our car to provide us with the best view of the animals. Being passionate about wildlife photography, I really appreciated this.

Journeys Explore and Ayaan also chose a great hotel for us, while keeping our budget in mind. The food was amazing, the rooms comfortable and spacious and the hotel had a beautiful situation and atmosphere.

While I have been on many safari trips, this was a truly unique experience and I think this was because of Journeys Explore’s and Ayaan’s expertise and passion. I am already dreaming of my next holiday with them!

Aanchal Goil

Bandhavgarh Journeys

My first safari experience in Bandhavgarh was surreal, life-changing and probably one of the best vacations I have taken in a long, long time.

This was owed in no small part to Journeys Explore, and the incomparable knowledge and expertise of Naturalist Ayaan Akkalkotkar. As someone that has always been fascinated by nature and the wild, having Ayaan with us while we explored the forest was a dream come true. There was no animal, plant or bird, no matter how small, inaccessible, or camouflaged, that escaped his notice, and he was happy to share his knowledge about their behaviours and actions with my friends and I.

While this was only my first experience with the wildlife of India, Ayaan’s expertise, his passion and genuine fascination with nature has turned me into an avid enthusiast, and I can’t wait for the next one!

A big thank you to Journeys, and to Ayaan for making my first safari experience an unforgettable one!


Francis J Taylor

Daroji Journeys

I’ve been trying for years to document sloth bears, but up until this point I had never seen a bear let alone photographed one. After researching the best places I discovered Daroji; Asia’s first sloth bear sanctuary. I contacted Journeys to see if a visit could be arranged and a bespoke itinerary was quickly put together for me.

Hampi is not the easiest place to reach from Delhi, the two best options being either two flights and a drive, or a multiple-day train. However despite some travel delays and complications everything ran smoothly and I got to the eco farm in time for some delicious home cooked Karnataka food.

After an enjoyable morning in the bird hide I was excited for the main event in the afternoon; the bear hide. The experience at Daroji was incredible, not one or two but around 20 bears often just a few feet away! During my time in the hide I photographed a wide range of habitat shots, close up portraits and behaviours and came away with a whole portfolio of images. Much more than I could have ever hoped for!

Sunil Puri

Bandhavgarh Journeys

Dear Team,

Thanks for a great time we had during our stay in Bandhavgarh tiger reserve last week… Had the best time ever. Really appreciate the efforts you and your team from your company Journeys put in for organizing the safaris, stay and everything else… It was done very professionally and the personal touch you gave made all the difference. Your knowledge on the jungle , the animals, flora and fauna etc. all was so valuable to us and made a super learning for us. The Tiger sightings were amazing all thanks to you and your team as it was your understanding of the behaviors of the tigers and other animals which made this possible… Truly a memorable trip. Yes we went to see the tigers, but you ensured that we enjoyed all the animals sightings and the jungle with your in-depth knowledge of all animals ,birds and the jungle trees, flowers etc. The gripping stories you shared made us even more excited and we will surely keep coming for more. Thanks a ton for making this visit forever etched in mind. Stay safe and wish you and your team and your company Journeys the best always.

Vrushali Gulwadi

Panna Journeys

I went to Panna National Park with Journeys. Had a wonderful experience. The Park is not overcrowded with tourists which is a rare experience in itself and the guides and drivers make sincere efforts to make sure you have a good experience. Sushil has a great bond with the Park officers, guides and drivers which made the visit even more special. He is very knowledgeable and at the same time great fun to be around. He has so many experiences to share that even 4 days with him weren’t enough. We stayed at Greetoe Resort, Panna where the staff are extremely humble and make your stay very comfortable. The resort is by the river Ken making it a birders paradise. You must travel at least once with Journeys and Sushil to get a thorough wildlife experience.

Cheers to more journeys in the future!

Bharati Choubey

Journeys Tiger Marathon

Seven days, three Tiger reserves and a friend for life… We expected to meet a middle aged gentleman at the airport in Jabalpur… But were pleasantly surprised to meet Sushil, closer to our kids’ age!!!
Every safari was an eye opener for us, thanks to the diverse knowledge and expertise that Sushil shared with us! So many birds, butterflies and other animals which we wouldn’t have known anything about, had it not been for his inputs.
We’ve done many safaris in the past but nothing was as fun, exciting and exhilarating as much as these in Bandhavgarh, Sanjay Dubri and Panna, thanks to Sushil! What I really loved about Sushil is that he became so close to us, that we didn’t feel that he was just doing his job! Simply loved his enthusiasm at every small thing that we got excited about, knowing that he’s done the same things innumerable times….Yet equally excited each and every time!
I could go on and on, but doubt that everyone loves reading such long reviews!
All I can say is that I would recommend Sushil and his journeys to everyone who wishes to explore the unexplored!

Rathi Arvind Kumar

Tadoba Journeys

Our Tadoba trip with Journeys was very well organized. Right from the resort choice to safari trips. During such pandemic, we a group of 9 friends felt very safe in their hands. Resort stay offered the best home made food and cottages were few and spread out, which made us feel safe.
Thanks to the Journeys team, we all had a much needed refreshing break after a gap of 8 months.
Way to go Journeys! Keep walking!

Charlie Davidson

Bandhavgarh Journeys

We have just returned from our 4th trip with Journeys. This time we spent a week in Bandhavgarh. As usual we had an amazing time everything was well planned and ran like clockwork. Our Journeys rep and good friend was the perfect host as usual! Our driver Guddu was fantastic, at tracking Tigers and getting us into the best positions for photos. We had 14 sightings of 10 different Tigers. The staff at Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge looked after us and fed us like Kings as ever. Already planning our next trip in April. Thanks again all at Journeys Explore!

Devan Joshi

Bhimashankar Journeys

Came to India for the first time and really wanted to check out some of the great wildlife and nature the country had to offer. My travel had me set up to go to Koyna but said it wouldn’t be a good time to go because of the rain. He received this information from Sushil (Director of Journeys) and he suggested Bhimashankar Wildlife sanctuary instead. I was a little reticent at first because of the heavy rain that was happening at the time but Sushil assured me that it would be great and it truly was!

Joy Ghosh

Ranthambhore Journeys

My cousin and me went on a tiger safari with Sushil to Ranthambore last year. The trip had 5 safari’s planned. We got tiger sightings in all the first four! The fourth one was the best. We were so satisfied that for the 5th and last we went to a lake for sighting gadhiyals and birds. Sushil clearly knows his way around the parks and has very deep knowledge of wildlife. He tours are flexible and he takes care of all operational arrangements. Would highly recommend him!

Shreya Pathak

Desert National Park Journeys

As an environmental science student, I’m so glad I got to explore wildlife and biodiversity around Rajasthan with Journeys. The trip to Desert National Park in 2014 taught me so much more about desert ecology than any textbook ever could. Right from the very start, the Journeys team, like a well-oiled machine, ensured that everyone was comfortable and well-settled, given the extremely high temperatures of the region. Sushil and his team carefully briefed us about the expected wildlife sightings in the area before every trail and safari. Although spotting the Great Indian Bustard was the key highlight of the trip, it was the little critters and reptiles that he found under the rocks that truly amused me! Oh whatta trip!
One year later, Sushil gave me the opportunity to volunteer with Journeys and I just couldn’t say no! Now I had the chance to show international tourists the beauty of nature in and around Pune, something I wouldn’t dream of doing if it wasn’t for Journeys. Even as a volunteer, I found it extremely comfortable to approach anyone on the team with my endless list of doubts. Volunteering with Journeys was a very different but a truly gratifying experience and I would love to do it again sometime!
I’d recommend Journeys to anyone and everyone who wants to explore India through an ecological, environmental as well as a cultural lens. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at nature loving and exploring, Journeys is the way to go!

Lionel Falcão

Sundarbans Journeys

Had travelled with Journeys Explored the Road Less Taken to Sundarbans and had one of my best experiences. The entire trip was handled perfectly from end to end. The biggest highlights was living on a boat for the entire trip which at the beginning was apprehensive as to what to expect but at the end it was a perfect “Journey Explored”
Thanx Sushil and team for organising this trip at such short notice and executing it perfectly and most of all getting to capture the endemic to the Sundarbans “The Red Tail Pit Viper” and enjoying some authentic cuisine of West Bengal.

Ratish Nair

Umred Karhandla Journeys

Yes of course… Journeys team is in good hands with Sushil at top. His knowledge on anything under the sun(well literally) is incredible.
You could just point a bird, lizard, insect or a mammal and be rest assured he can tell you all about them. Active conservationist and someone who values animals.
I would love to do more trip with journeys.

Aashna Agarwal

Bandhavgarh Journeys

A short 2 days trip to Bandhavgarh with journeys, an amazing and an excellent trip. Wish it shouldn’t have come to an end. 3 safaris and spotted 3 tigers… All thanks to Ayaan.
He was so knowledgeable, and so much full of enthusiasm which made us all really amazed, listening to his never ending stories about his experiences has really made us all wildlife lovers, making us looking forward to many more trips to national parks which has to be with Ayaan, with Journeys. He helped us spot some really amazing birds, a lifetime experience in its own.
Life in the forest is seriously different and fabulous and there is lot of surprises in it.
Bandhavgarh is a must visit place, that to with journeys and with Ayaan it’s the Best.

Catherine O'Connor

Sangam Girl Guides Journeys

The team at Journey’s lead by Sushil are amazing, so knowledgeable, engaging, friendly and helpful! It’s a real pleasure and treat to get to go a few treks lead by the Journeys team! I would highly recommend them, Cate (Ireland)

Archit Suneel

Ladakh Journeys

My trip with Journeys was the Leh trip. I had an amazing time exploring Leh and visiting some amazing places with beautiful scenic views. The best part of the trip was Sushil. Thanks to Sushil and their team we go to explore some untouched areas. The experience was unforgettable. I would like to Thank Journeys and their team for the amazing experience.


Avirat Shete

Bandhavgarh and Herp Walk Journeys

I have two wonderful experiences to share-
1. As an individual, I travelled with Journeys to Bandhavgarh and the trip was made memorable by Sushil’s kickass expertise, choice of gypsy driver and guide as well as perfect food n stay arrangements.
2. As a company, Mid Earth partnered with Journeys for an on field Herpetology Workshop in monsoon, near Khopoli. We had kids n moms as participants. Not only did Sushil help us locate herps, he also identified them for the kids and made their fear of reptiles disappear by sharing useful chunks of info that could be processed by these little ones. Everyone enjoyed to the fullest.


Akshit Redij

Pench Journeys

I am a regular traveler with Journeys especially with Sushil. This June I travelled to Pench with Journeys. And have to say it was one of difficult wildlife trips I have been to regarding photography. Rain gods weren’t kind to us, nothing went as planned. But still managed to join the forest, which is actually the main thing, photography comes next.
Eager to travel again with Sushil.
Let’s see how it pans out.
Thank you.

Amit Rakshit

Panna Journeys

We had an unique experience in our trip to Panna Forest, which in itself is less popular amongst the tourists and wildlife enthusiasts. We gathered enough knowledge of wildlife and their characteristics of movement, food habits etc.


Dilys Lindsay

Tikona Journeys

Sushil and his team took 40+ members of Irish Girl Guides on a hike up to Tikona Fort on a very wet day in August. They were so attentive, interesting and safety conscious and they created an amazing experience for all of us. I think we surprised them too, with our enthusiasm and random bursts of singing… In the rain, of course! Thank you to all of the team.


Savita Pathak

Bandhavgarh Journeys

We were a group of 5 enthusiasts on a mission to discover jungle. That was the feeling I had when I visited Bandhavgarh National Park. It has 400 sq km area and 3 main zones – Tala, Magadhi and Khitauli. Green sal trees and mahua trees with green and new red leaves made some areas really dense. Difference between a wild life sanctuary, national park is limited human activity and no human activity. What we visited was a national park.
For me jungle is never only about tigers. Lucky if you spot them but don’t miss out on other interesting things. Reading jungle from dawn to dusk is awesome. We would start morning safari to see Amber sunrise between 5.30-6 and end the day with red-orange sunset amidst green forest with evening safari at 7 pm. In between witnessed the jungle slowly come alive. Birds would come out for basking on the treetops, animals stroll to water holes. We saw close to 70 birds and 20 odd mammals. In many different ways it was a joyful experience and lot of learning. Many interesting episodes throwing light on animal behaviour. Here are some glimpses of what we saw and what we learnt.
A population of 70 tigers increases chances of spotting tigers so Bandhavgarh is one of the popular destinations for wildlife enthusiasts. Tigers drink water multiple times in a day and kill once in 3-4 days. Cubs get trained to kill starting with small animal like jungle fowls. Like human finger prints every tiger’s stripes are unique. A male tiger rules 50-60 sq. km area which includes the area of 3-4 tigresses with 15-20 sq. km each. We saw tigresses Spotty and Kankati with 3 playful cubs each. A good forest ranger who took pity on waiting gypsies to show them the tigers with the help of elephants.
Beautiful and exotic birds that we saw – Paradise flycatcher, orange headed thrush, racket tailed drongo, black headed oriole, oriental white-eye, purple sunbirds, variety of king fishers, India roller (love the perfect symmetry of its wings in flight), blue bearded bee eater, koels, parakeets, yellow-footed green pigeon (state bird of Maharashtra) and many more.
Gypsy drivers of safaris are equally or sometimes better informed than the forest guides. They are expert in identifying calls and looking at pugmarks, droppings that mark the trail of animal movements. Waiting for tigers to come to watering hole can take hours of patient wait but its not devoid of fun. Sending other jeeps elsewhere to get a better photography angles, frantic activity upon spotting the tigers…of course all in jest. They are very cooperative and help each other a lot to make sure every visiting guest goes back happy.
Lastly – we say animal instinct but animals never go against nature’s law unlike human beings to whom flouting rules comes easy. We saw VIPs taking elephant rides to the tiger spot when it is not permitted. Heard stories of animal poaching which is still rampant so surviving of the animals especially tiger cubs is very difficult.
Enjoyed immensely with the bunch I was travelling with, came back very satisfied and with a desire to go to the next one! Must thank Sushil Chikane for making this journey so knowledge filled and enjoyable.

Sasha Sud

Panna Journeys

We had a great time with Journeys in Panna Tiger Reserve. The entire experience from start to finish was managed very well and the attention to detail was impeccable. The Journey’s team expertise was evident in our safaris and we got All the animal photos we came to get. Can’t wait for the next Journey! A big thank you to the team that handled our trip.

Aman Joshi

Journeys Introductory Course to Wildlife

I’ve recently attended the online Introductory course on wildlife offered by Journeys. There were a lot of in depth learnings in an interactive way in each of the subjects in the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about wildlife, conservation, biodiversity and explore work opportunities in the same, I think this course is going to act like a gateway for them.

PrithviRaj Banerjee

Red Panda Journeys 

For all Nature Lovers and Photography Enthusiasts, if you have not gone out with Journeys you have really missed something. Me being a landscape photographer, I have been to many tours but Journeys has been class apart. You feel valued and your journey will be premium. Your travel plans are made with extreme care keeping in mind your age, physical fitness and they make you comfortable to achieve the purpose you are here for. Be it wildlife or landscape or macro they have all the expertise who are very much knowledgeable and have multiple accolades from BBC, Natgeo, etc. I wish Journeys all the very best and continue doing the great work.

Yogesh Bhandarkar

Sharavathi Journeys 

It was first herpetology trip with Sushil to Sharavati rain forest in Karnataka. It was one of the best trips I’ve been on so far. The spotting were excellent, helped along by Sushil and his team who have detailed knowledge of area and surrounding habitat. Sushil himself is a great photographer and his advice on taking pictures of reptiles is an added advantage. I highly recommend and encourage everybody who is interested in herpetology and macro photography to take path with “Journeys”.

Rahul Guha

Bandhavgarh Journeys 

Bandhavgarh, Nov 2017… It was my first-ever safari. For a beach bum, it’s quite a change, having to wake up at a time when I would otherwise be going to sleep. Having to wrap up against the cold, as opposed to being in a perpetual state of near undress. Bumpy rides in a Gypsy, compared with lounging on a sun bed. Couldn’t be more of a contrast…!!!
And what a contrast! 5 safaris over 2.5 days. 4 tigers seen in 3 sightings over 2 safaris. A pretty good ratio, methinks! Especially when my first ever sighting included getting up close and personal with a mother/son pair basking by a water body in the early morning in the Tala sector.
Images galore. More importantly, memories that will live with me. And all thanks to the brilliant planning, organisation, passion and enthusiasm of Sushil Chikane of Journeys Explore. He has been a driver & guide in numerous wildlife parks in India, and his knowledge is all-encompassing. So I had answers to my million questions – some silly, but others that I hope even he found intriguing.
Except for the air tickets to Jabalpur, Sushil took care of planning everything else. So, just like the maharajahs of yore, we had to do nothing else but enjoy the experience.
The Aranyak Resort we stayed at was also a jewel in the jungle. Large, modern rooms with spotless bathrooms (the most important aspect for yours truly), great food, and service staff who meet your every need.
We returned to Bombay, exhausted but exhilarated. I dream of tigers! The adventurer in me has awoken. Finally!

Shabbir Chass

Tadoba Journeys 

Journeys you had arranged a excellent trip to tadoba. The stay was superb and the food outstanding. The resort and stay were impeccable. Above all your professional expertise in being with us explaining each and everything in the jungle was mind boggling.
I rate you all 10/10 on each and every aspect
Had one of my best jungle experience of my life!

Tracey Schorn

Tikona Journeys 

Sushil and his team of Guides were amazing! Took a group of 30 women (25 from Canada) up to Tikona Fort in the pouring rain. They were all very encouraging and helpful and made sure everyone made it up and back down safely!

Manjula Josyula

Tadoba Journeys 

Thank you Sushil Chikane and Murtaza Chass for a wonderful trip to Tadoba and sharing your experiences with us. It was educational and a fun one at the same time. My perspective changed totally towards the wild life and forests. It was a humble experience travelling with a naturalist and wild life enthusiast. Hoping to join you in many more journeys and adventures.

Alok Katkar

Jhalana Journeys 

I did a trip to Jhalana Leopard Safari Park with Sushil sir. It was my first experience with Journeys. I had the excellent sightings with the guidance from Sushil sir in terms of wildlife and photography. Looking forward for another trip with Journeys.

Arpita Deshmukh

Journeys Introductory Course to Wildlife

I recently completed a short course on wildlife with Journeys explore. And even as we are going through this pandemic, they have managed to make the course interesting and informative. I learned a lot about the wide fields of study in Wildlife and nature. Really happy to have enrolled for this and hope to join more activities with them in the future. Thank you!

Trina Caunter

Tikona Journeys 

Sushil and the team were amazing! Could not have done Tikona Fort in the monsoon rain without them and their endless patience. Highly recommend!

Meghna Singh

Ladakh Journeys 

We went to Ladakh with Sushil and Murtaza in July this year, and it was hands down- one of the best experiences of my life. The journeys team planned the trip to perfection, right from the route, the places we visited to the places we stayed at. Would definitely recommend!

Aman Joshi

Journeys Introductory Course to Wildlife

I’ve recently attended the online Introductory course on wildlife offered by Journeys. There were a lot of in depth learnings in an interactive way in each of the subjects in the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about wildlife, conservation, biodiversity and explore work opportunities in the same, I think this course is going to act like a gateway for them.

Devdatta Lohokare

Journeys Wilderness Connect Course

I am student at MIT WPU of photography and I like wildlife photography so joined the Journeys Wildlife Course. It is One of most necessary and informative course for all the wildlife enthusiasts, it provides all the information about wildlife and nature. I would highly recommend every one who calls themselves wildlife enthusiasts or photographers to do this online course because there is always a lot to learn about nature and wildlife not just in a photography aspect but as a nature loving aspect also.

Ritweez Sahu

Journeys Geo Walk

The Journeys Geo Walk was an absolute delight and probably the best learning experience I’ve had in some time.
With Journeys, it’s all about resources- be it biological, cultural or now, geological. Renie, Divyanshu and Apurv made us appreciate the bounties around us and then shared their collective experience with us. And what we learnt was such, that it will enrich any trip we take anytime in our life. Picking up a rock and observing it will never be the same for me again.
That said, enriching is an adjective I’d use for for every Journeys trip I’ve taken so far and they’ve gone a long way in making me conscious about the resources around us.
Can’t wait for more such experiences!


Murtaza Adeeb

Bhimashankar Journeys 

Went with journeys for a day trip to bhimashankar. 2 trails covered. Saw a variety of scorpions and also the Giant Squirrel. Literally off the beaten path. Looking forward to the next journey.

Angela D Greiling Keane

Tikona Journeys 

Our group of mixed hiking abilities – from amateur to advanced – had a great Tikona Fort hike on a crowded Saturday with our Journeys guides.


Nupur Pittie

Great Himalayan National Park Journeys 

Bharat(my hubby) and me were planning to go for a trek in HP for our 14th year anniversary, that’s when sushil suggested GHNP. I had not explored it and being a UNESCO heritage, I immediately said yes…
Sushil organized a lovely home stay and a very well equipped team in Kullu for us. Our team provided us with all the necessary facilities, great food & perfect tents which made our trek comfortable & just added to the wonderful experience in the Lap of Nature.
Thank you for being a part of our memorable celebration.

Siddharth Naidu

Saswad Macro Journeys 

My introductions to herping and Macro photography started with Sushil’s on an excursion out in Pune’s grasslands. Sushil brings in a lot of photography and on-field knowledge and experience to help us ensure well being of the subject and also get the right shot. I’ll definitely recommend anyone interested in wildlife to journey with Sushil.

Kaushik Dhopeshwarkar

Corbett Journeys 

Sushil Chikane is a highly experienced and expert person in this field. The team members are also good and a chill mood is maintained in the journey. I have been camping with journeys for past 5 years and the overall rating is 🙌🙌🙌🤘🤘🤘👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌


Shamoel Ezzi Poonawala

Panna Journeys 

JWC decided to take us to Tiger Safari at the Panna Tiger Reserve .The reserve is located near Khajuraho.
This lovely reserve is prime tiger-land. The forest is dry deciduous and is full of gorges and extensive plateaus. The Ken River flows through the reserve. There are a couple of waterfalls on this river which unfortunately we did not see because of the lack of water. The reserve has two gates Mandla and Hinouta. Spread over 542 sq. km this reserve spans over the two districts of Panna and Chhatarpur. It has been awarded as the best maintained national park of India. Teak, sal, crocodile bark, arjun, jamun are prominent trees present here. Among the animals found here are the tiger, leopard, chital, chinkara, nilgai, sambhar and sloth bear, more than 200 species of birds including the bar-headed goose, honey buzzard, king vulture, blossom-headed parakeet, changeable hawk-eagle and Indian vulture are seen here. The Ken river has a huge crocodile population. Once Panna had become tigerless but after the relocation of tigers from other reserves and due to tireless efforts by the forest authorities, now Panna is again back with big cats. It is a dry deciduous forest and has vast grasslands which gives opportunity to the visitors to witness big cats, off course if luck permits
There were six of us and were lucky to have a good driver and some experienced guides. Gypsy is the vehicle which took us as we experienced a roller coaster ride.
Generally the park trackers are the ones who indicate where the tigers are likely to be spotted. Sushil sir was well versed with panna and made it a point to indicate the various animals as also the different trees and birds, he also taught us photography which was great. We then went for a boat ride in the Ken River where we were fortunate to sight a Tigress who was playing hide and seek for 2 days
Our life was made.
The boat ride was great as forest guard staying in condition was very sad. Overall a wonderful trip.
Will positively make another trip to this park sometime soon.

Vedant Chandak

Jhalana Journeys 

It was a great experience going to Jhalana Leopard Park, Jaipur with Journeys.
Really well managed and arranged. Would love to go for many such journeys with Journeys.

Swapnil Wanjule

Lateritic Plateau Journeys 

Thanks Sushil for the wonderful field guidance and knowledge sharing on visit to Kaas Plateau on 6/10/18. All the participants got a lot of valuable and mostly unknown information. Specially spotting the reptiles was main attraction. We loved the safety precautions taken. Wish to visit different places with Journeys again.


Stephane Bordier

Supa-Bhigwan Journeys 

We have spent one morning with Sushil looking for birds around Pune. It was a great experience !
Sushil knows a lot about wild life and eager to share his passion.
We deeply recommend his company for wildlife tours.

Aakash Brahmbhatt

Corbett Adventure Journeys 

A life changing experience! That’s exactly what it was! Amazing time spent with the best of the people!
And it was possible only because of the most unique tour guide Sushil Chikane!!
There were many things that were done, said and learnt in this trip!
We spent QUAA LEEE TYYY time in Corbett National Park! And that was possible only because of Sushil! Made new friends Amal Mitra and Shreya Siddharth Labhane! Amal you’re the coolest Guy alive!
From being my tent mate to a guide, thanks for helping us and I surely enjoyed your company!
Adventures on the trip were breathtaking and I never imagined me cycling so much or even rock climbing! Thanks to all my friends and every person who was a part of this trip for making it so beautiful!
And thanks to Shekhar and his entire team in Corbett and Mukteshwar for helping us and teaching us so much!
The Sitabani trek was the most memorable part of the entire trip, but then who could forget the campfires!
This will always be the trip I’ll cherish for the rest of my life!


Nilesh Randive

Supa-Bhigwan Journeys 

I recently joined with this group. I got very good experience in Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary. What Sushil Chikane give me Small tips for bird photography on that base I can do good photography. Thank you Sushil Chikane. We will meet soon at Bandhavgarh in April end.

Omkar Joshi

Lateritic Plateau Journeys 

Greeted by the meadow of flowers and the warm sunrise, we reached Kaas, known popularly as the valley of flowers, invariably we went about photographing the flowers! With some pics of Drossera plant and providing some brand new information to our brains, the ecosystem of Kaas was what we learnt next! Post lunch, Chalkewadi plateau was our next destination. Though conserving energy through windmills, it couldn’t amount for death of several birds inhabiting the place. We tried searching for saw scaled viper but bad-luck couldn’t find any. However, we covered up for the loss. Fan-throated lizard, Hemidactylus satarensis which was discovered just 2 years back was certainly a treat to our eyes! Something a nature lover won’t afford to lose. We were returning back and woah! Our lens caught the glimmer and then the glitter! There it was, rainbow added to the lush greenery making it an ideal scene to be portrayed! Finally concluded the trip with a trunk load of memories, lots of new facts and not to forget some awesome clicks.  Macro and landscape photography guide, Sushil Chikane, can’t thank you enough for the help. Kaas-definitely a-must-visit-atleast-once destination..
Looking forward to my next trip with journeys!

Kedar Potnis

Tadoba Journeys 

Today I am sharing another tiger image which is very special to me. Want to share some amazing and mind blowing experiences of the journey with you all. From last one year I was desperate to photograph a ‘TIGER’. I was anxiously waiting to visit some national park. I had a spoken to few friends but sometime the seats were full or sum plan didn’t work out. I lost hope to see tiger this summer. Due to some luck of mine there were last minute cancellation in tour to Tadoba which was organized by one of my good friend and naturalist- Sushil Chikane. So there was no second thought about it. I straight way grabbed the last seat and my journey started with- JOURNEYS.
It was a group of only 5 people. The travel arrangements and food were excellent and not a single thing to complaint about. Finally we reached our destination, Tadoba. With all anxiety, nervousness, excitement our first safari started but no tiger sightings. I thought my bad luck of Tiger continued. I kept my fingers crossed. Our next safari started early morning. One hour was spent tracking tiger and finally one of the most awaited moment was arrived, the tiger was in front of me in water. I was relieved but still praying for more sightings. Next we saw different animals, other than tiger. Finally we were in gypsy with heavy minds for our last safari. It was buffer safari which was intentionally booked by Sushil as there was a tigress with four cubs in buffer. But chances were very little as since few days no tigers were sighted. We were tracking the tigress and suddenly one cub was sighted and there was a row of gypsy with no chance of passing as it was dense forest. Our gypsy was seventh in the row and suddenly all our prayers were heard and the cubs turned around and started walking back. They came very close to our gypsy. That was one of the best and most anticipated moment which I clicked. Thanks a lot Sushil Chikane for this.

Omkar and Anuja Karve

Bandhavgarh Journeys 

We were a group of 6 individuals coming from diverse backgrounds (most of us met for the first time only because of this journey). Nobody at the start of our journey knew that it is going to be so much of fun. On the face of it, the plan was to visit Bandhavgarh National Park. But it was much more than that, it was a complete wild life experience. We went to different spots in the jungle that were known for good sightings, famous for birding or in general scenic spots. At times it was amazing to take the feel of calm and quiet jungle and it is seriously a bliss!! My personal favourite zone was Khitauli (we went to two zones: Magdhi & Khitauli) and in Magdhi zone I loved the Mukunda area (thanks Sushil for taking us there). Well, it was not just the jungle but the company that made this journey memorable. Going for safari with Sushil was a big plus point, his hands on experience about wild life is absolutely stunning. He also helped many of us in clicking some “quality” pictures. Thanks to Ravi (our gypsy owner &driver) for joyful rides. Along with rocking safari experience our stay at “TIGERGHAR RESORT” was ecstatic!! Food, hospitality and ambience were just perfect!!(Thanks to Gagan). We stayed at the resort for 2 Nights, time left between dinner and afternoon safari was spent chatting, sharing past wild life experiences and planning future expeditions with Journeys. A big thanks to Janki, Bhave and Manish and special Thanks to Sushil for giving “personal touch” to our first expedition with Journeys.

Pratik Shete

Corbett Adventure Journeys 

This was the most memorable trip of my life as I could do all those things which I had been dreaming since childhood (like rock climbing, rappelling, body surfing, walking in the river with my friends n pushing each other in the water, cycling in the jungle, etc.). All thanks to my friends because of whom I joined the trip and special thanks to Sushil, the coolest personalities I have ever met, for organizing such a wonderful trip. The most memorable moment for me was, when we all just stood quietly looking at the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. It was like heaven for me. I will always remember this beautiful forest and all the adventurous activities which I did with my friends.

Varun Godbole

Ranthambhore Journeys 

Had a trip with Journeys last month to Ranathambore. Trip was of 6-7 days. We were total 14-15 friends including Sushil dada, Chikane mam and Animesh dada. Arrangements were really nice. We stayed in a great Rajasthani hotel. Everyday we had 2 safaris. Safaris were exciting. It was my first experience to go in a jungle and difficult part for all of us was to keep silence…
Had great sightings. Saw 9 Tigers, one was seen twice so total 8 tigers. I was thrilled to see such a massive cat. Everyone was so amazed that even after safari we couldn’t stop talking about tigers. Saw very different animal, birds. Leopard was seen by few of us on the walking trail to the Ranthambhore fort. Overall great experience. Thanks a lot Sushil Chikane and Chikane Mam for such a memorable trip.

Kiruthika Devi Kannan

Journeys Macro Photo Walk

I went for macro photography photo walk mentored by Apurv. It was first i was trying macro. It was a great experience with them. Looking forward for more such events. Thanks a lot guys for the support.