Special Tour 2 Days Availability: 2021-11-27
Morbe Maharashtra

Astrophotography is the technique that allows to obtain great images of the Universe’s bodies: from the planets to the moon, from galaxies to nebula , from the Sun to the star clusters. Astrophotography of some objects may be simple while for other, especially because of their low brightness, it’s more difficult and may require special instruments and techniques. Thanks to the digital revolution that went in photography in the last 10 years, astrophotography made great steps forward, and everyone can get great pictures of the universe using the right instruments.

Star Trails has always been fascinating for many of us, capturing the astro requires a clear night sky, preferably a no moon night and location which has least light pollution. Our team has scouted around the Mumbai and will take you to some of the best locations to capture the trails. You will be able to understand star photography technique and shoot the star trails and the milky way. Lets plan an extravagant weekend getaway and feel refreshed amid the splendid nature while the twinkling stars take care of you.

Astrophotography Journeys at Morbe has an interesting location with lakes and water bodies around with minimum light pollution This is one of the closest location from Mumbai and Pune and gives us the best opportunity to explore and shoot from the time sunset and blue hour and then proceed with the star trails.


The workshop will include the following:

An introduction to Astro Photography

Understanding the camera setting for shooting at night

Discuss about high ISO vs Low ISO, 8 bit vs 16 bit and RAW image processing, etc.

Closest Airport: Mumbai/Pune

Closest Railway Station: Karjat

  • Stay at the hotel on twin sharing
  • Evening Tea and Snacks, Dinner, Mid night snacks and Breakfast the following day
  • All activities, guide charges and instructor charges
  • Journeys Photography Mentor

  • Travel to destination and back
  • Personal Expenses
  • Any kind of insurance, Medical or/and Emergency Charges
  • Anything not covered under the head ‘Cost Includes’


Day 1: 27/11/21:

Reach Purva Restaurant 4:00 PM and proceed to the Hotel / Resort.

After check in we get introduced to each other over some tea and then proceed to the location with least light pollution.

Warm up with shooting the golden hour (Sunset and Blue Hour).

Discuss about star trails along with tea and snacks.

Camera Settings:


Shutter Speed


Lens Focussing


Start the 1st round of shooting the star trails.

Dinner and review of the images along with the participants.

Proceed to the 2nd location and start the 2nd round of shooting the stars.

Later towards mid-night 2:00 AM approx. proceed towards our Hotel / Resort.


Day 2: 28/11/21:

We meet at breakfast and conclude the tour by reviewing the images and process a few images.

Check out from the hotel.

Tour Ends.


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